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Am I Pregnant? I Am Pregnant Is This Really Happening What Options Do I Have? Questions About Your Choices Talk to Others Who Have Been in Your Situation Take Care of Yourself Talking to Your Family What is Right for Me?

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What is Right for Me?

What is Right for Me? Only you know what the right decision for you. Talk to a counselor that truly listens to your needs and is invested in your best interest. Once you have learned about your choices and become fully informed about the short and long term effects of your choice, go with your …

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Talking to Your Family

Talking to Your Family Sometimes sharing our concerns, fears and private thoughts with those closest to us can be the most difficult. Talking with a professional that is non-judgmental who can be objective and non-emotional can be very helpful in difficult situations. Counselors and caseworkers with years of experience are available 24/7 to provide the …

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Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself Good medical care, nutrition and exercise will help to keep you healthy. Taking care of your physical health is as important as addressing your emotional and mental needs. It is important to get good medical care and advice to make the best decisions and choices. We can help you find good …

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Questions About Your Choices

Questions About Your Choices Take the time to consider the choices available for your unplanned pregnancy. After receiving the information, write down the questions that come to mind. Journaling your thoughts and questions can help provide reflection as decisions are made. Write down the pros and cons for all of the choices available. Get FREE …

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What Options Do I Have?

What Options Do I Have? Women understand that once pregnancy is confirmed, they will need to make a decision about what is best for them and their child for the short term and the long term. Seeking information regarding parenting, adoption and abortion before making any permanent decisions is in the best interest of all …

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Is This Really Happening?

Is This Really Happening? It is not uncommon for women who think they might be pregnant to choose not think about it. For many, acceptance of being pregnant means making decisions. Oftentimes, acceptance can be liberating and help provide clarity to be able to make the best decisions. Talking with a counselor about pregnancy options …

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I Am Pregnant

I Am Pregnant Once pregnancy is verified, the next step is to determine a due date. An ultrasound fairly early in the pregnancy can provide a reliable due date. Let us help provide a connection with a medical professional or a Pregnancy Resource Center to get an ultrasound. Call 24/7 at 844-757-8715 or text 801-450-0094. …

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