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Questions about Your Unplanned Pregnancy Choices

An unplanned pregnancy comes with a lot of questions on the future. Confusion on the best course of action to take is bound to happen, but you have to recollect yourself and consider the future carefully by asking some questions on the available choices. Basically, you will have 3 choices;

  • • Becoming a parent.
  • • Giving up the baby for adoption.
  • • Terminating the pregnancy.

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Becoming a Parent
You can choose to take on the challenge of parenting; bring a new life into the world, mold him/her into a personality, and watch him/her grow. The biggest issue around parenting is support as the baby will need to be sheltered, fed and clothed. The questions to consider are;

  • • Are you single or married? Is there the possibility of getting married? What kind of support is he able to provide (financial, childcare, role model etc.)?
  • • Would close relatives be willing to offer support and how capable are they to provide the support (financial, childcare, living arrangements)?
  • • What is the possibility of living with relatives or sharing living with another person in your situation (single mother)?
  • • What responsibilities can you share with those you are living with?
  • • Can you capably live alone and what resources can you raise by yourself?
  • • What are your long term goals and how will the baby fit in reaching them?
  • • Can you apply for government assistance like WIC or Medicaid?

You can still bring life into the world and have the baby cared for by a capable family. In adoption, you can control what kind of environment you want the child raised in. the good thing is that if the situation changes before the child is six months, you can call it off. In considering adoption, the questions to ask are;

  • • Is there anyone who has given up a baby for adoption to contact to share the experience?
  • • What kind of home would you like the child to be raised up in?
  • • What kind of relationship would you want with the adoptive family?

Pregnancy termination (abortion)
This is the most difficult choice for a woman to make. It is irreversible and can have unforeseen emotional and physical consequences. Professional help is needed most in making this choice. Some of the questions to ponder are;

  • • How well are you informed on abortion and the risks?
  • • Have you tested for STDs?
  • • Are you being pressured into an abortion?
  • • What are the laws in your state on abortion?
  • • Is there anyone who has had an abortion that you can talk to?

These questions answered with professional help will guide you to a choice that you are sure you can live with.
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