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What is right for me?

Making a choice for an unplanned pregnancy is one of the most difficult things a woman can do. Whichever choice you make will have consequences that you have to live with and are not reversible. The way to make it easier is to let the initial panic subside and ponder issues around each choice carefully. Remember the choice you make will affect the life you carry and those around you. The best way to go about it is by seeking an unplanned pregnancy counselor. In the end you can only make the choice yourself and live with it, so consider carefully.

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Being a Parent
Parenting is the biggest challenge one can take in life. Bringing new life into the world and watching him/her grow into a unique individual is challenging and rewarding. Parenting needs commitment and resources for the child to be safely sheltered, well-nourished and molded into a capable individual. A professional counselor can help you by discussing the following about parenting;

  • • The resources needed most for the infant and the costs involved.
  • • Assessing your likely sources of support; your spouse/fiancée/partner, your family, friends.
  • • Charting a possible path to your long term goals with the baby in the picture.
  • • Assessing and guiding you through seeking for government assistance program like WIC and Medicaid.

This is a choice if you want to have the baby but are not in a position to care for it. Unlike days of the past, some adoption programs will allow you to see the child from time to time and keep track of his/her progress. You can choose the kind of home and adoptive family that you would like for your child. A professional counselor will guide you in clarifying issues like;

  • • Adoption laws in your state.
  • • The adoption process.
  • • The adoption programs available and their regulations.
  • • Available support resources that can diminish your sense of loss.

This is not an easy choice to make as it carries major consequences, both emotional and physical that can be difficult for you as a woman. A professional counselor can help you through issues like;

  • • Different abortion procedures and their risks. These include physical complications that can affect sex life and infertility, and potential negative emotional risks.
  • • Any pressure situations forcing you into an abortion.
  • • Safe abortion clinics.
  • • State laws on abortion.

Having a personal counselor is a wise decision as he/she has experience in these matters. What advice he/she gives you will help make a choice that is safe and that you can live with.

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Counseling Hotline 844-757-8715 – 24 hours – 7 days a week

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