Education & Unexpected Pregnancy

Adoption is a beautiful and everlasting gift. However, we recognize how difficult and emotional the decision to chose adoption can be for expectant mothers. That’s why at we believe education is essential to a success and rewarding adoption experience for all involved. Chances are you’ve found yourself on our site reading this information because you are, in fact, unexpectedly pregnant and at the very least, curious about adoption. The very best advice we can offer you is to get educated! We have great news, too. We’re available via phone at 844-757-8715 or text at 801-450-0094 anytime, day or night. Call us or text us and let us start educating you on the everlasting and selfless gift of life and love that adoption is.

As with every choice in life, the choice to chose adoption for your unborn child comes with pros and cons. We’ve compiled a small list for your consideration.


1. By choosing adoption you are giving the ultimate gift of life and love
2. By choosing adoption you will be selflessly blessing a loving and deserving family with a child they may not have otherwise had
3. Support for you!- this includes emotional, financial, and medical expenses during your pregnancy
4. Empowerment. By choosing adoption you will be free to live the life you had planned for yourself before you became unexpected pregnant. Whether this means completing your schooling or advancing your career, you’re in control of your destiny.

1. Outside pressure to choose adoption. You may have outside forces such as family and friends pressuring you to choose adoption. We will never pressure you in any way, shape, or form. is here to support you entirely, regardless of your ultimate decision.

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