Expectant Mothers Have Choices!

As an expectant mother facing an unplanned pregnancy you may feel lost. Your world has forever changed, and perhaps you weren’t quite ready. While you may feel down, it’s important for you to know that you have options. You can choose to parent your child or you may choose to place your child for adoption.

There are so many reasons a woman may decide that adoption is best for her. So many reasons that you may not even be able to wrap your head around all of them just yet. Don’t fret. We at unexpectedpregnancyhelp.com have compiled a list of factors you may wish to consider when considering your options.

For many women, a lack of financial support weighs heavily when deciding on adoption. According to The Department of Agriculture the cost of raising a child from birth until age 17 is $233,610 or close to $14,000 annually. For a woman facing an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy, these are daunting numbers, and college expenses aren’t factored into those figures.

Perhaps you’re considering adoption because you’re single and always imagined that when the time came you’d raise your child(ren) in a two parent household. If you find yourself concerned about parenting your child in a single parent household, you have good reason. According to news-leader.com there is a clear link between poverty and growing up in a single parent household. The research continues, and the findings are stark. News-leader.com reports that children living in single parent households are far more likely to experience violence in their lives, continue the cycle of poverty, become addicted to drugs, and perform lower than his or her peers academically. It doesn’t stop there. News-leader.com states that a child living in a single parent household is more likely to commit suicide than a child living in a two parent household. We realize these are scary facts, not to be taken lightly. That’s why we’re so committed to ensuring you know your options.

Of course you don’t want your unborn child to become a statistic. To this we say, empower yourself. You have the power to chose the life your unborn child deserves. With unexpectedpregnancyhelp.com you hold all the power, you make the best choice for you, and you make the best choice for your unborn child. Whether you reach out to us on line at unexpectedpregnancyhelp.com, call us at (844)757-8715, or text us at (801)450-0094, rest assured you will be in the very best hands possible. We will walk you through all of your options, and all of the services that we offer. You may be surprised to know just how much we care about you and your well being. We want you to know that you have the power to save your unborn child from possibly becoming a statistic. You have the power to search through hundreds of profiles, learning as much as you can about our families waiting for children. Finally, you have the power to give your unborn child the ultimate gift; the selfless gift of love. You, and only you, have the ability to place your child with a family of your choosing, that you believe will give your child the life he or she undoubtedly deserves. Let us help you navigate your way through this wonderful journey that is adoption. We’re available anytime, day or night, and you can reach us on line at unexpectedpregnancyhelp.com, by phone at (844)757-8715, or via text at (801)450-0094. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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