How To Deal With Opinions

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy you will undoubtedly be faced with many different opinions. From family to friends, it may seem as though everyone has an opinion that they believe is “right.” It’s highly likely that these same opinionated people won’t be shy about letting you know exactly how they feel about what you should be doing moving forward, whether that means getting married, having an abortion, or choosing adoption.

The experienced, caring, non-judgmental, and supportive staff of adoption professionals at, a website dedicated to giving expectant mothers pregnancy alternative options and access to valuable pregnancy resources, will never pressure you. Instead, we will listen to you and provide unconditional encouragement and support. We’ll also ensure that you receive a comprehensive, thorough, and thoughtful adoption education. Our dedicated staff will even help you speak with your family should you chose adoption. With you’ll never be alone during your adoption journey.

If you find that adoption is the best route for you and you’re met with resistance from loved ones, there are a few things you can do.

1. Once you’ve made your decision stand both proud and firm when confronted or questioned about it. Remember – you are in charge of your future and that of your unborn baby; nobody else.

2. Set Boundaries. Don’t allow people to speak negatively about your choice or adoption in your presence. If they continue to, remove yourself from the situation/environment where the negativity is taking place.

3. Remind your loved ones of how much you would really appreciate their support and encouragement during this difficult time.

4. Educate! Most people fear what they don’t know. Offer resistant loved ones all the education you can about adoption and all of the wonderful aspects of it.

Remember – this is your life. Whether you chose to parent or place your baby for adoption with a loving family, your life will forever be changed. Only you can make the choice that you believe is right for you and your unborn baby. When you’re ready, our sincere adoption professionals will be waiting to hear from you. All you have to do is call us at 844-757-8715. We’re also available via text at 801-450-0094 or online on our website,, under the “Chat” tab.

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