Pregnant! I needed help!

The day that I found out I was pregnant was devastating! We ended our relationship before we knew about the pregnancy. Our breakup was violent and I was afraid of him. I was going through the emotions of a violent relationship and not knowing what to do about being pregnant.

I had finally made the call “I am pregnant” was what I said over the phone. All I heard from him is “How much will it cost to get rid of it!” I hung up the phone. Overwhelming emotions went through my head. I thought the breakup was bad what I was going through at this time was even worse.

Over the next few weeks, I just kept thinking the same questions over and over: “What am I going to do?” “How can I raise a baby alone?” “How would I ever tell my mom, my family?” “I cannot even take care of myself?” “I am all alone!” I was depressed, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and the tears wouldn’t stop.

I knew that I needed help! I needed to talk to someone that had been through this before. Someone that wouldn’t judge, that would help me with my questions so that I could decide what to do. I found a friend on the other end of the phone. A kind person that knew what I was going through with being pregnant.

When making the call I thought I wanted to have someone tell me what to do! During the conversation I found that everything was about me, what my options were, what would be best for me and my unborn child. The support and love that I felt, I cannot even begin to describe.

From an expectant Mom

If you are pregnant, feeling overwhelmed and need someone to talk to pick up the phone to get information and answers to all your questions.

Call 1-844-757-8715 or Text 1-801-450-0094

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