Education & Unexpected Pregnancy

Adoption is a beautiful and everlasting gift. However, we recognize how difficult and emotional the decision to chose adoption can be for expectant mothers. That’s why at unexpectatedpregnancyhelp.com we believe education is essential to a success and rewarding adoption experience for all involved. Chances are you’ve found yourself on our site reading this information because …

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Unexpected Pregnancies Happen!

According to the World Health Association, 211 million pregnancies occur each year in the United States. Of the 211 million annual pregnancies occurring in the United States, it is estimated that 87 million of those pregnancies are unintentional. It’s normal for a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy to feel many different emotions including: scared, alone, …

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The Average Age Of Expectant Mom’s Looking At Adoption

When thinking of an unexpected pregnancy and the possibility of adoption, you may think of a young girl; a teenager perhaps. Surely a grown and mature woman would never find herself facing an unexpected pregnancy. Wrong. Today’s information is quite enlightening. In fact, the average age of a woman in the United States considering adoption …

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